Top 10 Best Garden Tractor Batteries in 2021

A powerful garden tractor is an effective and efficient option for mowing huge lawns. The importance of this function spikes when the weather gets warmer and your lawn maintenance more than ever. 

Buying a replacement battery can be rather confusing and complicated, partially because all batteries feature similar designs and colors. Without relevant expertise, distinguishing between the primary features can be hard.

We’re here to help! Listed are the top 10 best garden tractor battery the market has to offer right now. Stay tuned for a detailed buyer’s guide as well.

Top 10 Best Garden Tractor Battery in 2021




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Best Garden Tractor Batteries

Weize 12V 35AH

 Voltage - 12 volts

35 amp hour battery capacity

 30 day return policy and 1 year warranty

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

Expert Power EXP12180

18 amp hours battery capacity

 Sealed lead acid battery

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

Mighty Max 12V 35AH

Sealed lead acid battery

SLA / AGM spill proof

30 day refund policy and 1 year warranty

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

ExpertPower 12 Volt EXP12200

20 hour sealed lead acid battery

Weight – 13 pounds

10" UL certifiedtilling depth

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

Chrome Deep Cycle SLA

 35 amp hours battery capacity

 Comes fully charged

18 month manufacturer warranty

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

TCEM AGM Battery for John Deere L130

Maintenance free operation

Safety valve for prevention for explosion

Weight – 14.56 pounds

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

Universal Power Group 12V 35AH

35 amp hours battery reserve

Weight – 22.50 pounds

1 year warranty

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

Powerstar Toro 106-8397

Maintenance free

AGM system

2 year free replacement warranty

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

Mighty Max YTX4L-BS

Shock and vibration resistant

SLA / AGM spill proof

30 day refund policy and 1 year warranty

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

Universal Power Group UBCD5745

18 amp hours battery reserve

 Used in spotlights and UPS backup systems

Weight – 12 pounds

1. Weize 12V 35AH

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

The Weize 12V 35AH is a deep cycle battery with a massive power backup. It is made of durable calcium alloy grid that offers excellent service life and performance in both cyclic and cyclic.

The battery comes with screws by not no harness or wire for mounting. Apart from gardening tools, it can also be an efficient provider of power for other equipment. But that will depend on the device so you might need to put in two batteries to get the required capacity or voltage.


  • Top-notch build
  • Convenient handles
  • Suitable for use with multiple equipment
  • Can survive repeated, prolonged, and deep discharges


  • Tends to lose charge faster
  • A bit heavy

2. Expert Power EXP12180- Best Garden Tractor Batteries

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

ExpertPower is one of the highest reviewed brands on Amazon in terms of SLA batteries so we expect nothing short of the finest from them. The EXP12180 features a sealed lead acid battery with bolts and nuts and a T1 type terminal.

It impresses with its rugged construction – the battery case is being made of high-quality non-conductive ABS plastic. This increases resistance to vibration, shocks, heat, and chemicals. Even in the roughest conditions, this battery is guaranteed to be extra resilient and durable.


  • Works in a wide range of temperatures
  • Well-built
  • Easy to use
  • Surge resistant


  • Doesn’t hold charge too well
  • Not great for other equipment

3. Mighty Max 12V 35AH

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

One of the biggest challenges about finding replacement batteries for your garden tractor is finding the correct fit. Mighty Max addresses this issue directly. They have developed the 12V 35AH especially for John Deere lawn tractors.

This one can perform well in both low- and high- temperature conditions. Featuring a Duracell ultra-high CCA and maintenance free U1R, this lawn tractor battery offers 30A of power. For the really big gardens that need an extra powerful mower, this is a battery of choice.

We have found this battery to perform remarkable in all conditions and also withstand shocks and vibrations that might occur.


  • Perfect for rough conditions
  • Fast and easy charging
  • Handles for easy carrying
  • Works with other farming equipment


  • Premium price tag
  • Little smaller than most 35 AH batteries

4. ExpertPower 12 Volt EXP12200- Best Garden Tractor Batteries

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

ExpertPower has a range of incredible products that would make it to our list of best garden tractor batteries, and this is one. With the EXP12200 model, you get a 20A and 12V battery. This duo makes it a great choice for big lawns.

Also, if you’re tired of your garden tractor battery not charging, we would highly recommend this model from ExpertPower since it features a valve-regulated battery. These batteries are powered by a working system that resists the movement of electrolytes inside the container, meaning no water is lost. Thanks to that, the item doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.


  • Threaded terminals
  • Easy to install
  • Lighter than regular batteries
  • User friendly


  • A 24 hours recharge is needed if the battery run dry completely
  • Not the most long-lasting

5. Chrome Deep Cycle SLA

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

Designed within a convenient sizing, the Deep Cycle SLA from Chrome allows compatibility with a vast range of electronic appliances, starting from garden tractors and household alarm systems to motorized scooters.

Equipped with AGM technology, the body on this model is strong and secured, spill proof, and doesn’t require much maintenance. It is long-lasting and powerful – ideal for larger gardens. Since it is supplied full charge, you can use it instantly out of the box.


  • Supplied full charged
  • Versatile usage
  • Low maintenance
  • AGM technology


  • Slow charging
  • Low quality terminals

6. TCEM AGM Battery for John Deere- Best Garden Tractor Batteries

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

The TCEM AGM battery is nothing too fancy, but it gets the job – and exceptionally well at that. It comes with a sealed and maintenance free operation. Due to the safety valves, this battery is resistant to explosions.

Additionally, the design is non-spill. It isn’t the cheapest product in the market, but with its impressive construction and big battery life, it’s sure to win you over. We didn’t need more to rank it under best garden tractor batteries.


  • Great for John Deere
  • Amazing value for money
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to install


  • Bulkier size
  • Still quite expensive

7. Mantis 7940 4-Cycle Tiller Cultivator

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

I believe that the best gas tiller on the market is the Mantis 7940. This is an all-around adaptable model and is definitely one of the best tillers for your money. The blades allow for adjustable tilling or cultivating as needed. Its compact size and low weight profile ensure you won’t be fighting to control it.

For the average homeowner, this is about all you’ll need. I consider it the best rototiller in its class.


  • Requires no mixing of oil and gas
  • Surprisingly light & easy to maneuver, even in tight spaces
  • Has a solid worm-gear transmission


  • The 9″ width may require more passes for larger jobs
  • 10″ blade depth may not be deep enough for some tasks

8. Powerstar Toro 106-8397- Best Garden Tractor Batteries

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

The Toro 106 8397 is a compact yet powerful battery specifically designed to fit into almost any garden tractor. It’s worth mentioning that you might have to hold this battery in place with simple industrial tape or straps, but the power offered sure makes it worth the purchase.

Toro lawn tractors are known to have a unique battery shape, so this is perfect for that. And while most brands offer a year’s warranty, you get a 2 years warranty in this one. In addition, the AGM technology adds security.


  • Maintenance free
  • High gas recombination power
  • AGM tech
  • Resistant to overcharge


  • Subpar longevity
  • Not the biggest capacity

9. Mighty Max YTX4L-BS

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

If you were looking for fantastic flexibility and versatility in a battery, this is the one to go for. And all at a price to beat! The YTX4L-BS is an efficient and powerful model from Might Max that can be mounted in any position. Thus, it is compatible with a large variety of electric vehicles.

It’s made to resist shock, vibrations, and impact to stay safely secured. No matter how rough the terrain is, the battery won’t fail you. Thanks to the deep discharge recovery, this can recover from depletion levels other best garden tractor batteries would fail to do.


  • High performance
  • Mountable in any position
  • Deep discharge recovery
  • Budget friendly


  • Rather small
  • No mounting accessories provided

10. Universal Power Group UBCD5745- Best Garden Tractor Batteries 

Best Garden Tractor Batteries

With state-of-the-art AGM technology, the UPG UBCD5745 is secure, stable, and safe without needing extensive care and maintenance. This model is all about the simple experience of having and using a garden tractor.

You reduce the chances of damage or wear even in the worst of terrains. A durable and safe option for heavy duty use, the UBCD5745 offers a sturdy outer case guarding amazing performance – perfect for a lot of different electric vehicles.


  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Stable performance
  • Somewhat lightweight


  • Doesn’t last advertised amount of time
  • Leaky

Buyer’s Guide for Best Garden Tractor Battery

Your lawn mower can’t function without a battery, that goes without saying. But when you find the major change a decent garden tractor battery can bring, there’s no going back to average options you bought just to power up the machine.

A high-quality lawn tractor battery helps the tractor gain maximum momentum and decreases the need to recharge or replace it.Now that you have checked out all the different options from a variety of brands, it’s time to settle on the one for you. So, we will be discussing a few factors to keep in mind while purchasing the battery.

Battery Size

One of the most important characteristics to consider when purchasing your garden tractor’s battery. For instance, if you want to get a John Deere garden tractor replacement battery, have a look at the charts for the selected group size. Or, see if there’s anything on the manufacturer’s manual about the right size.

Cranking Amps

CCA, or cold-cranking amps is the sum total of the current a battery can supply in freezing conditions. The purpose of this test is to determine how dependable the battery is during the early hours of a cold morning.

If you buy a battery with lower cold-cranked amps, it might not even start the garden tractor in some temperatures. On the other hand, too high of a CCA will achieve the goal, but it will simply be more expensive without any additional benefits.

Battery’s Age

Don’t make the mistake of buying an old garden tractor battery. The point to note in this case is that the longer any 28 amp garden tractor battery stays on the shelves after manufacturing date, the lesser output is delivers. We suggest going for a battery that was made less than 6 months ago. Check the serial number on the body to know the age of the battery.


In simplest terms, voltage entails the amount of current that travels through the battery in a given time. 12 volts is the standard rating for batteries, which also happens to be the ideal count requires to make the best garden tractor battery. Your lawn tractor manufacturer most likely mentioned the recommended voltage on the packaging or user’s manual. Check that before buying.

Lead Acid

This is what gives batteries their rechargeable feature. A battery is equipped with lead plates containing a water-electrolyte solution. Alternatively, some batteries contain sulfuric acid inside. 

Reserve Capacity

Reserve capacity is what you’d expect it to be – the amount of time a battery can run on its own. Higher reserve capacities in batteries are a huge plus.

Final Thoughts

These were our top picks for best garden tractor battery in 2021. Although all of them are excellent choices that you couldn’t go wrong with, our favorite is the Mighty Max 12V 35AH. It’s durable, charges fast and easily, and doesn’t need a whole lot of maintenance. With that said, it is on the pricey end of the spectrum, so go for this if only you have money to spare. Otherwise there are some budget options you would certainly love!

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